Great Spirit- Gemstone Grace

$ 135.00

Great Spirit- Turquoise, Amethyst, Carver Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant (Face wearing Wolf) Sterling Silver Toggle clasp and beads, base metal pendant bail. Turquoise is thought to aid communication skills in emotional issues, creativity, and intuition, while allowing for the application of love in all issues. It is considered protective and purifying, helping guide one through the “unknown” A sacred stone of many indigenous peoples. It can enhance trust and promote spontaneity in romance and in the initiation of romantic love. A stone of “wholeness”. Spiny Oyster shell, or Spondylus shell, are found primarily in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Baja California. It is believed they bring cool comfort and peace from the dark depths of the sea, a "go with the flow", "this too shall pass" attitude, a sense of understanding, patience, and knowing.  Amethyst, as a stone of spiritual connection, it is said to bring peace and serenity, and transmutes and recycles the energy of lower vibration emotions like fear, anger, envy into usable energy. It is said to assist businesses to prosper. In Greek mythology amethyst was considered a "stone of sobriety”. This necklace is lovingly made and Reiki charged.

20” Long ESGGJ006  

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