Grape Agate Sphere~CRGRPAS1

$ 21.00

Grape Agate Sphere~CRGRPAS1. Although the trade name is Grape Agate, they are actually specimens of Botryoidal Chalcedony.  Grape Agate is used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of one's life to a more desirable state. They are a wonderful ally for those dedicated to selfless service. It is used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to manifest that which we desire but do not yet possess. It has the power to aid us to find new relationships that will transform some part of our life. It is a stone of “Soul Family” or spiritual community, reminding one that we are NOT alone. You are always supported and loved. It is considered the key that will unlock the answers to all that you seek. It reminds you that they are not "out there”, but within. They embody the energy behind the quote ‘If you don’t go within you go without”. It promotes self-acceptance, and creative inspiration. 48mm

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