Honey Calcite Sphere~CRHNCS05

$ 32.00

Honey Calcite Sphere~CRHNCS05. Honey calcite assists in bringing about that unique combination of mental clarity, focused energy and groundedness necessary to successfully complete complex tasks or long term projects. It stimulates the intellect, making it possible for one to analyze challenges and see the most efficient solutions. It helps one understand how to put Divine inspiration and guidance into action. It stimulates one to take new directions in life. It gives one the determination and faith to break out of old patterns and undertake exciting new directions. It helps one overcome fear of taking action. It is known to stimulate one’s sense of self-worth. It can be used to remove blockages preventing one from perceiving one’s full abundance. It assists in developing an attitude of gratitude and in recognizing that the Divine is providing everything one needs. It is ideal for those who are looking for new and innovative strategies for dealing with long-standing problems or stalled projects. It also stimulates one’s creative and sexual energies, and encourages one to set one’s sights once again on one’s dreams. 60mm

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