Golden Healer Dendritic Quartz Free Form Cabochon~CRGHDQC6

$ 49.00

Golden Healer Dendritic Quartz Free Form Cabochon~CRGHDQC5. Dendritic Quartz is a clear form of quartz with dendrites. Dendrites are fern-like inclusions of manganese, that create bold or fern-like patterns within the gem. As you might guess, these pieces are one-of-a-kinds, as no two dendritic patterns are exactly the same. Although it is a very powerful stone, it emits its energy in a loving, gentle embrace. It has been called the "Blessing Stone". The dendrites of manganese act as antennas to bring a connection between the conscious self and the angelic realm. The vibration of manganese also brings a "quickening" to the response time in sending to, and in receiving messages from, the angels. This is a stone of clarity, and will allow you to see things as they are and not what they appear to be. Quartz is an energy amplifier, said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. It is considered a stone of harmony, and is thought to facilitate communication with spiritual and other-worldly masters, teachers, and healers. Quartz can be programmed as a constant prayer or intent generator. 39mm x 35mm x 16mm

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