Goethite Pendant~JSSGOETH

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Goethite Pendant~JSSGOETH. Goethite has a loving energy that stimulates love and compassion in number of ways. It is known to help you to access genetic memories that you carry. This connection that Goethite makes may allow you to access the akashic records and discover important information about your life path. It may aid you to clear genetic or ancestral problems that may be holding you back. This is a powerful stone to assist you to heal past life issues by allowing access to applicable memories stored within your genetic material. This is an excellent stone to help you if you have lost a loved one as it has a strong vibration that aids you to heal grief, and to remind one that grief is the mechanism that allows us to survive loss. This is a strong stabilizing stone that works via the root and Earth Star Chakra. 47mm x 26mm x 9mm

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