Gobi Desert Agate Ventifact~CRGDAV04

$ 20.00

Gobi Desert (Mongolia) Agate Ventifact~CRGDAV04. Gobi Desert (Mongolia) Agate Ventifact. A ventifact is a rock that has been abraded, pitted, etched, grooved, or polished by wind-driven sand or ice crystals.  These geomorphic features are most typically found in arid environments where there is little vegetation to interfere with particle transport, where there are frequently strong winds, and where there is a steady but not overwhelming supply of sand. Ventifacts can be abraded to eye-catching natural sculptures. Agate amulets were worn in antiquity to guard from all dangers and to enable the wearer to vanquish earthly obstacles, such as high winds and lightning. Agate has been discovered with the artifacts of Neolithic people, and was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to Babylon. Its medicinal uses continued through the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and spread throughout Africa and the Middle East into Russia. Metaphysically, Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, and so is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Agate is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy, and in harmonizing yin and yang, and the positive and negative forces of the universe. Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. Its warm, protective properties encourage security and self-confidence. Agate assists those juggling commitments or multiple jobs. It is said to help writers express ideas in marketable form. As a professional support stone, It stabilizes the imagination and inspiration of artists, and provides personal security. It encourages a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. It overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. 75mm x 50mm x 33mm

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