Gaspeite Pendant~JSSGASP1

$ 55.00

Sterling Silver Gaspeite Pendant~JSSGASP1. Gaspeite’s energy is about bringing the spiritual realms into expression in everyday life. It is also about expanding awareness so that one can more readily discern the presence of the spiritual in the "mundane world". It allows one to "walk the walk" without allowing old habits or patterns to take over. It helps one notice the many small synchronicities that are offered as guidance and promptings from the Universe. . When one’s eyes are opened and one’s awareness sharpened, one notices little "coincidences" one would likely have overlooked before, and these events become more frequent when one gives attention to them. It is a proof of the saying of Jesus, "Seek and ye shall find". It helps seekers to realize that the answers to their most burning questions are spread out all about their feet. This gift of vision can bring one great joy. It blends the energies of the heart and solar plexus, yet it does so in a more grounded, physical way. It promotes the health of the heart and digestive system. It can help those with poor appetites to enjoy food, and to eat the proper foods at the right times. It helps one to inwardly "hear" what sorts of foods the body and soul need and desire. It can support long term weight loss due to its ability to regulate blood sugar, improve insulin function and decrease stress-related hormones that may contribute to weight gain. It is also excellent for those who are holding onto excess "weight" in the form of possessions and "stuff" that need to be released before one can move on. It is excellent for awakening and healing the inner child within oneself. Often one feels exhausted and stressed by life without really knowing why, but one’s inner child most certainly knows. It can bring one’s unconscious wounds and attachments to the surface for healing and release. Gifting one’s inner child with gaspeite is one way of showing the self-love which allows this neglected part of oneself to step out of the shadows. It assists one in integrating spirit into the body  and can be very helpful for those who resist being in physical form , or who need assistance in being present in the physical form. 36mm x 17mm x 8mm

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