Galena, Pyromorphite and Cerussite-CRGPCPP

$ 15.00

Galena, Pyromorphite and Cerussite-Brookdale Mine, Phoenixviile Pa. CRGPCPP 72mm x 55mm x 40mm Galena is considered a stone of love and acceptance of our shadow side, reminding us that "what we resist, persists", and that we change through loving acceptance of those parts of ourselves we hide and deny. It is considered an ally in shamanic practices. It is thought to expand our concept of 'what is possible". Pyromorphite is said to enhance the energy of other stones. It is thought to be a stone of renewal for one's life path. It is said to raise one's vibration, increasing one's intuition, self-worth, and deflecting negative energy. It is said to protect one from negative energetic entities including poltergeists, astral entities and demonic influences. Cerussite is considered a stone of personal, spiritual and even shamanic alchemy. It is said to be an ally for those who wish or feel called to start a lifestyle or career as a spiritual healer or teacher. It is said to encourage the connection between the root and crown chakra, helping one manifest one's spiritual talents and destiny in the physical realm through service, humility, communication and self-forgetting.

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