Gaia Aura Crystal~CRGAQZ09

$ 30.00

"Gaia Aura" (Green Titanium Candle Quartz) Crystal~CRGAQZ09. When Quartz is treated with Titanium, it can turn any color of the rainbow, usually blue, purple, pink, gold and green. I'm not sure of the process, but these beauties turned primarily green, with just hints of the other colors. Because of the color and energies of these crystals, I nicknamed them Gaia Aura; Gaia was the Greek goddess of Earth, Mother of all life. Green Titanium Candle Quartz is a light-bringer for the planet & those who have incarnated to help the Earth change vibration, Highlighting courage, soul purpose & one’s life path, assists in putting ancient knowledge into practice & brings a guardian angel closer, useful for those who find physical incarnation difficult, raising personal power, dissipates feelings of oppression, & assisting one in feeling good about oneself & ones body, projects strength, mental acuity & physical power, a stone of spiritual and financial abundance, deflects negative energies, & balance one’s meridians, energy field, & aura, raises one’s vibration, protecting one through the Law of Resonance, & making one much less likely to take on someone else’s energy, a "stone for the luminaries" of our Earth, providing for thought transmission within the physical realm & between luminaries of other world, used for amplifying intent, as intent is always the key as we are ourselves creators, always the creators of our own reality. 94mm x 40mm x 36mm

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