Fluorite Starfish~ CRFLSTRS

$ 20.00

Carved Fluorite Starfish~ CRFLSTRS. Starfish is reminding you that although you see things as black and white, there is also a middle road with many shades of gray, what you perceive as right or wrong may also fall into these categories. Thus you must discern where you must give and where you must take. Therefore the Starfish meaning is letting you know that fighting for the whole shebang will not serve you or anyone else. Moreover, compromise will ease the conflict and resolve any dispute. People with the Starfish totem trust their instincts, follow their inner voice and heart to achieve their goals and desires, and have the innate ability to discern new possibilities and opportunities. Fluorite is said to bring order out of chaos within and without our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), our lives, and our environment. It is particularly focused in the mental, stimulating clarity, curiosity, memory, logic, and reasoning. It is thought to assist one in lovingly "walking the walk". One Carved Fluorite Starfish (1) 55mm x 59mm x 12mm.

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