Fluorite "Pearl in Palm" Carving~ CRFLPIP1

$ 25.00

Fluorite "Pearl in Palm" Carving~ CRFLPIP1. A Pearl, or bead, in the palm has symbolized the love of a Husband for his treasured wife. This was referenced in an ancient Chinese poem. “He looked at me like a jewel in his palm”. Over time, it’s meaning has transformed into symbolizing a parents love for their child, especially, the love of a Father for his cherished Daughter. Fluorite is said to bring order out of chaos within and without our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), our lives, and our environment. It is particularly focused in the mental, stimulating clarity, curiosity, memory, logic, and reasoning. It is thought to assist one in lovingly "walking the walk".  49mm x 12mm

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