Flint Tumbled~TUMFLINT

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Tumbled Flint-Flint Ridge Ohio~TUMFLINT. Referred to as the "Great Indian Quarry of Ohio," Flint Ridge is a nearly eight mile long vein of high quality Pennsylvanian-age Vanport flint located in Licking and Muskingum Counties of eastern Ohio. Hundreds of quarry pits and workshop sites are scattered across more than 2,000 acres of ridge top in these Appalachian foothills. The prehistoric flint mines range in size from 12 to 80 feet in diameter and from 3 to 20 feet in depth. All of Ohio's pre-contact American Indian peoples used Flint Ridge flint to make spear and arrow points, scrapers, and knives. The Hopewell culture (100 BC – AD 500) especially prized it, using it to make particular kinds of small knives called bladelets. Flint was also an important resource for early European settlers who used flint from Flint Ridge as fire starters, in flintlock guns, and as buhrstones, large flat stones used to grind grain. 

Flint is an excellent choice for use in activities related to thought transference; one may transfer information, ideas, and loving emotional messages to another AND receive, in return, the touching interpersonal experiences of the energy of the universe. It can help to relieve shyness, and to promote both intimate and personal experiences. It also assists one in severing the emotional ties through which one is attached to problems and distressful situations. It has been revered by the ancient tribes to produce protective energy and to dispel negativity from “haunted” localities. It assists one in viewing the unknown, providing for insight into the methods by which to oppose contrary forces. One (1) Tumbled Flint. Avg. size 49mm x 23mm x 19mm

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