Flint & Amethyst Pendant~JSSFLNT4

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Flint (Madagascar) & Amethyst Pendant~JSSFLNT4. Flint is an excellent choice for use in activities related to thought transference; one may transfer information, ideas, and loving emotional messages to another AND receive, in return, the touching interpersonal experiences of the energy of the universe. It can help to relieve shyness, and to promote both intimate and personal experiences. It also assists one in severing the emotional ties through which one is attached to problems and distressful situations. It has been revered by the ancient tribes to produce protective energy and to dispel negativity from “haunted” localities. It assists one in viewing the unknown, providing for insight into the methods by which to oppose contrary forces. Amethyst, as a stone of spiritual connection, it is said to bring peace and serenity, and transmutes and recycles the energy of lower vibration emotions like fear, anger, envy into usable energy. It is said to assist businesses to prosper. In Greek mythology amethyst was considered a "stone of sobriety". 42mm x 29mm x 10mm

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