Eudialyte & Galena Rough-Large CREUDRL2

$ 20.00

Eudialyte Rough-Large~ Quebec, Canada CREUDRL2. Eudialyte is considered the "soulmate stone", raising one's consciousness when one encounters one's soulmate or fellow soul travelers. It is thought to connect our root chakra with our heart chakra and to remind us that one can do what one loves AND make a living at it. It is said to clear our emotional body creating more space for healthy chi and vitality. It is thought to assist one in moving more easily through our brainwave patterns facilitating meditation. Galena is considered a stone of love and acceptance of our shadow side, reminding us that "what we resist, persists", and that we change through loving acceptance of those parts of ourselves we hide and deny. It is considered an ally in shamanic practices. It is thought to expand our concept of 'what is possible". 54mm x 53mm x 45mm

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