Elite Noble Shungite Chunks~CRENSCSM

$ 5.00

Elite Noble Shungite Chunk-Karelia, Russia CRENSCSM.  Shungite is unique in the world of natural minerals as it contains fullerenes, a special type of the molecular form of carbon. As evidence of the importance of fullerenes, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1996 awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto and Professor Richard E.Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes. Shungite is the only mineral known to contain fullerenes. Shungite resonates with the Wiccan faith and Earth energies. It is said to assist one in coming into resonance with the accelerated and increasing energies coming into the planet at this time. It is thought to be grounding, purifying and protective. COMPOSITION: Carbon = 98%, Nitrogen, Oxygen = 0.9%, Hydrogen = 0.3%, Ash content up to 0.8%. One (1) Elite Noble Shungite Chunk. Avg size 20mm x 16mm x 12mm

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