Dragonstone Unicorn~CRDRSTU2

$ 24.00

Dragonstone Unicorn~CRDRSTU2. Unicorns are strongly associated with the feminine and as such have traditionally appeared as a symbol of chastity, the divine power that nurtures all living things, and an emblem of the word of divine presence. Dragon Stone is the trade name for a beautiful green and red mineral combination. It is one of those stones that seems to defy accurate analysis. It is described as red jasper in green jasper, red piemontite in epidote, or cinnabar in peridotite, and at least three others. It is listed as “only coming from Australia”, only coming from South Africa”, or both. Pictures, varieties, and localities are mixed up. There is a verified source of Cinnabar Peridotite from South Africa with a formula of HgS+(Mg, Fe)₂SiO₄ It is one of the most profound abundance stones due to its blend of magical and spiritual energies. It is said to assist one, through alchemical practices, to find one's soul purpose and follow one's path of destiny. It reminds us to “follow our bliss”, “the money will follow”. 50mm x 50mm x 20mm

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