Dioptase & Herkimer Diamond Pendant~JDIOHERK

$ 65.00

Dioptase & Herkimer Diamond Pendant~JDIOHERK. Dioptase is the stone of the High Heart Chakra (between our heart and throat chakras), the seat of unconditional love and our immune system. It is a very high vibration mineral. It is said to heal karmic family patterns, the source of much dis-ease. It reminds one that "there is only here, there is only now", to live in the moment. As a stone of intimacy (or into-me-see), it grants us the courage to bond and grow in relationship, and the honesty to know when it is time to grow in a different direction. It is excellent for healing emotional pain, and is considered a stone of the deepest healing! It is said to help heal dis-ease brought on by any form of abuse. It stimulates absent forgiveness, helps one release attachment to karmic debts, karmic contracts that impact relationships, and helps one detach from unhealthy family dynamics. Because of this energy, it resonates with both the practices of Ho’oponopono and Family Constellation work. Herkimer Diamonds are a form of double terminated quartz from Herkimer, N.Y. They are thought to be great allies for healers, helping to sync one with anothers energy, not to take on their vibration, but to create a resonance of understanding. They are considered to be very energetically and emotionally uplifting, and to act as a reset to one's bodymind. 47mm x 22mm x 7mm.

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