Dioptase with Quartz and Azurite- CRDT0006

$ 30.00

Dioptase with Quartz and Azurite- Congo CRDT0006 34mm x 25mm x 16mm Dioptase is the stone of the High Heart Chakra (between our heart and throat chakras), the seat of unconditional love and our immune system. It is a very high vibration mineral. It is said to heal karmic family patterns, the source of much dis-ease. It reminds one that "there is only here, there is only now", to live in the moment. As a stone of intimacy (or into-me-see), it grants us the courage to bond and grow in relationship, and the honesty to know when it is time to grow in a different direction. It resonates with the practice of Ho'oponopono. Quartz is an an energy amplifier and transmitter, and is said to bring the energy and harmony of the stars into the soul.  It is thought to facilitate communication with ascended masters, teachers, and healers. It  can be programmed as a “constant prayer or intention generator”, sending our highest thoughts and wishes out to the Universe. Azurite is a stone of inner vision, and can protect one from psychic attack. It can assist one in connecting wisdom of seemingly unrelated fields of knowledge. Azurite provides insight into discovering and furthering one’s talents. It was considered a sacred stone among Native Americans and Mayans.

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