Dendritic Opal~CRDOPALA

$ 45.00

Dendritic Opal- Coolgardie, Australia~CRDOPALA. Dendritic Pal has tree or fern like inclusions of manganese, called dendrites. It is calming and soothing to the emotional body; it can help those who are overburdened with stress to relax, purifies one’s energy field-cleanses & rebalances the chakras, it can attract angelic beings-it is an ideal gift to leave for them in some unseen spot- it is said that often one’s gift will be “returned” by means of fortunate synchronicities, grounds light into the aura, can provide insight into emotional issues that need clearing, can help calm & focus the mind so that more subtle spiritual signals can be received & processed. Manganese is an excellent anti-procrastination/motivational stone. It is said to provide increasing inspiration, motivation, and energy the closer one gets to the completion of a goal. It also has a grounding effect which can balance and ground one during times of stress. It is considered “the love element”, encouraging love, especially between parent and child. 66mm x 57mm x 38mm

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