Cryolite Heart~CRCRYHRT

$ 45.00

Cryolite (RARE) Heart~CRCRYHRT. Cryolite’s energies focus directly on the most needed component of human evolution at this time- the awakening of our awareness to the intelligence of the heart, and the partnering of the most evolved areas of the brain with that intelligence. Cryolite powerfully stimulates the third eye, as well as the entire pre-frontal cortex of the brain. It also stimulates the heart and crown chakras, linking them with the third eye and facilitating inner vision. Further, it opens the channels through which the holographic knowing of the heart and its language of silent understanding can be received and comprehended by the conscious mind. This opening brings one from confusion to certainty, from egoic self-seeking to love, generosity and benevolence, from fear to trust, from control to surrender. It is the quintessential vibration of the new consciousness which is sweeping quietly through humanity, and which is destined to transform the world. Cryolite also switches on “silent areas” of the brain. Cryolite works to unlock one’s true identity and fulfill one’s potential. It is also a powerful ally in successfully navigating the powerful time appropriately termed the “dark night of the soul”.  39mm x 40mm x 14mm

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