Covellite Tumbled~TUMCOVEL

$ 10.00

Covellite Tumbled~TUMCOVEL. Covellite-used to stimulate the third eye and to initiate psychic power, it is said that the location where this mineral resides becomes a vortex, bridges two worlds and is an important ally for anyone working towards achieving the evolutionary leap which is taking humanity to the next level of being, it is sensitive to the changing magnetic energy spectrum here on Earth, and will alter its energy pattern in harmony with the acceleration in vibrations within and around us, enhances ones communication skills and stimulates a positive outlook; it encourages verbalization of that which is positive, can be helpful for identifying Akashic information and releasing past life traumas and issues, a stone of the artist, promoting creativity in the form of that which is from the ancient realms of the worlds before the Earth was divided into the continents of today. One (1) Tumbled Covellite. Avg. stone size 30mm x 22mm x 20mm

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