Yellow Aragonite Tumbled~TUMYELAR

$ 5.00

Yellow Aragonite Tumbled~TUMYELAR. Yellow Aragonite is a must have for the Tarot Card reader and the interpreter of symbolic language. It is a good stone to work with if you want to increase your  knowledge in herbalism. It is the reflection of sun on the water and a direct channel to the higher realms. It speaks to us gently and understandably. Assist self acceptance and burns away all self doubt that lingers in the darkest corners of our minds. An “Increaser” stone, it can be added to any crystal to amplify the energies. It will help one to avoid using hasty words or taking precipitate action, which you will later come to regret. It has a confident and capable energy, that reminds us that we have many strengths and gifts to offer the world. One (1) Tumbled Yellow Aragonite. Avg. size 32mm x 32mm x 26mm

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