Unicorn Stone Wand~CRWNDUNS

$ 79.00

Unicorn Stone Wand~CRWNDUNS. Unicorn Stone is a trade name for a combination of two lithium bearing minerals, Pink Tourmaline and Lepidolite. It enhances feelings of peace, serenity, relaxation, calm & love, & is an ally for those wishing to increase their sense of well-being. It assists one through time of transition. It provides eloquence & compassionate listening. Reminds one to "stop & smell the roses" & to "be here now", while clearing out old messages. It is thought to clear the auric and mental bodies, calming the energetic "voices" of past experience & past fears. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance, can also provide for high levels of purification which serves to elevate one’s consciousness, helpful for ridding oneself of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, and ideas of unworthiness while encouraging understanding and self-confidence, can relieve stress and diffuse worrying and obsessive behavior, helps identify emotional patterns no longer aligned with one’s spiritual growth and can assist in changing these patterns to reflect higher approaches to relationships and communication, assists in creative visualization, can be used to repair “holes” in the auric field created by negative attachments or past abuse, to heal old emotional wounds, especially those of childhood. 260mm x 40mm x 34mm

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