Rainbow Aura Prasiolite Crystal Shards~CRRAPRAS

$ 10.00

Rainbow Aura Prasiolite Crystal Shards (Green Amethyst)~CRRAPRAS. Rainbow Aura Prasiolite resonates with “the Green Man” and the great Goddess, allows for awakening from restrictive “old ways”, helps one celebrate oneself, assists one in expressing spiritual ideals, a stone of Namaste’- the recognition of the Divine spark within all beings, fosters self-acceptance and compassion, excellent for trance channels, mediums, & psychics, helps one stay grounded while expanding into higher states of consciousness, helps one align one with all the non-physical forms of oneself, assists those in the field of color therapies, helpful for being able to hear the words, understand the meaning and the deeper intent of communication…even if the words are harsh, promotes connection with God AS YOU UNDERSTAND GOD, can be used to deflect & protect against negative energy, can be used to mobilize grounding between the first chakra & the center of the earth enhancing one’s well being on the physical plane & protecting against those in the spirit world and/or those on the physical plane who are not “in the light” & do not understand the love of the universe. One (1) Rainbow Aura Prasiolite Crystal Shard. Average size 78mm x 32mm x 21mm

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