Rose Metamorposis Quartz Tumbled~ TUMRSMMQ

$ 4.00

Rose Metamorposis Quartz Tumbled~ TUMRSMMQ. Rose Metamorposis Quartz represents the moon in pagan traditions and is used in lunar magic alongside moonstone and labradorite, an incredible stone to use for opening the aura and establishing communication with the Divine, can improve communication channels within couples, brings peace, deep tranquility, and calm understanding, called the "Blessing Stone", consecrates & makes real prayers, wishes, and requests to Spirit through the receiving of blessings, holds frequencies of angelic light and tone which respond well to even unspoken needs and longings of the heart, has been used to assist with energy work such as Reiki assisting self-healing, also helps erase unwanted programs. One (1) Tumbled Rose Metamorposis Quartz. Avg. size 28mm x 19mm x 17mm

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