Horneblende in Quartz & Black Onyx Pendant~JSSHORN2

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Horneblende in Quartz & Black Onyx Pendant~JSSHORN2. Hornblende can help when ones own argumentative side takes over with friends or loved ones, while helping to insulate us from the abrasiveness of others. It helps individuals to accept compromise so that all parties can attain resolution. It further allows us to accept the processes of those around us, release judgment, and be more tolerant. It can create a sense of ease at times of threat and of judgment. It opens the heart and mind to feelings of fairness and helps us to accept that we are all equal, sovereign beings. It is both grounding and protective, it is especially effective when used in protection grids and for protection rituals that involve new beginnings, or beginning again. Black Onyx is said to be helpful for staying centered, helps banish grief, enhances self-control, stimulates wise decision making-helping those who help themselves.. It encourages happiness and good fortune, integrates yin and yang, and promotes recognition of personal strengths to become master of one’s own future. It is said to be a helpful ally for staying centered during times of any form of stress, promoting vitality, stamina, and perseverance…helping those who help themselves. 38mm x 24mm x  6mm

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