Citrine Geode Chunk~CRCITG02

$ 24.00

Heat Treated Citrine & Cacoxenite Geode Chunk~CRCITG02. Citrine is considered a stone of prosperity, manifestation & abundance. It is a wonderful solar plexus stone, and as such, is said to increase one’s personal power, diminish fear, and improve one’s self image. It is thought to remind one that true power is only wielded over oneself. Cacoxenite assists one’s spiritual evolution, raises the vibration of one’s physical self, reprogramming the cells to continually renew themselves and resist the aging process, as well as the activation of the “new” strands of the genetic spiral, aids in aligning the third chakra with the Divine which is especially helpful for those experiencing strong emotional upheaval or those who feel a struggle between the ego and the Divine’s plan, enables one to cleanse the energy systems of any negative attachments preventing one from moving forward on one’s path, enables one to connect more easily with one’s Guides or Guardian spirits. 88mm x 58mm x 51mm

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