Cinnabar in Quartz Pendant~JSSCINP2

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Cinnabar in Quartz Pendant~JSSCINP2. Cinnabar is a talisman of the alchemical transformation from self to self, the full manifestation of one’s spiritual blueprint, the fulfillment of the Divine pattern we carry within, it stimulates the first, second and third eye chakras, making for greater insight and the ability to see visions of the potential future, it helps one ground one’s visions in physical reality as well. This makes it ideal for creative people as well as business owners, both of whom can use it to actualize their dreams and create prosperity, it teaches us that physicality is not as solid as it appears, but is in fact a constantly shifting and flowing expression of energy that can be manipulated and transformed, it assists in perceiving the Divine through sexual union and in honoring that aspect of physical experience. 40mm x 20mm x 7mm

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