Chrysotile Shale Pendant~JSSCSP04

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Chrysotile Shale Pendant~JSSCSP04. Chrysotile Shale can be used to bring a bonding action between one and the subject of one’s desires, such that one may easily release the object whenever the need has been fulfilled. It brings an energy of resourcefulness and integrity and serves to instill honesty and sincerity. It assists one in “finding” the “true” self by clearing the “baggage”of the past and by recognizing ones individual controlling modes. It assists one in the release of control over others, especially as a trauma response, and assists one in maintaining control with respect to ones life. It is an ally when triggered “fight or flight” responses take over, and can assist calming of an accompanying “agitated emotional state.. It assists in breaking down defensive walls when safe to do so, and to release old hurts and negative feelings, while helping one find a way to respond positively to new situations. It has been used in telepathic endeavors to both send and to receive messages, assisting one in assuring delivery and acceptance of the information. 42mm x 18mm x 6mm

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