Chrysoprase Pendant~JSSCHRP3

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Chrysoprase (Australia) Pendant~JSSCHRP3. Chrysoprase assists one in looking back at relationships which ended unpleasantly and to resolve them inwardly with a profound sense of forgiveness, both for the other person and oneself. It also activates the solar-plexus chakra, the seat of the will. It works to blend one’s personal longings with the urgings of the heart, thus uniting our individual desires with the heart’s higher longing for the good of all. It carries an energy of  growth and ripening promise, and reminds us of our constant connection to the source of All-that-is. Its energy expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite Love and Abundance of the Universe. It helps one accept one’s birthrights of prosperity, joy, and health. It helps one to understand one’s interconnectedness with all of creation and to heal feelings of separation and isolation. It is an excellent prosperity stone. It allows one to overcome bitterness and past disappointments and to approach life with the curious heart of youth. It helps us release attachment to fear-based emotions, belief systems and actions. Chrysoprase is an excellent stone for those who choose to heal from abuse.  It is the stone of youth in that it assists in maintaining a youthful spirit, outlook and energy. 35mm x 19mm x 7mm

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