Cassiterite Tumbled~TUMCASSI

$ 3.00

Cassiterite Tumbled-Namibia~TUMCASSI. Cassiterite is a stone of initiation, and its vibration is that of the threshold, the liminal space between worlds. Those who work with these stones in meditation are likely to become familiar with crossing many thresholds and moving through numerous one-dimensional gates. This trait is ideal for shamans, mediums, channelers and all those who work in the “other world”. It stimulates the lower chakras-root, navel, and solar plexus- as well as the Earthstar chakra below the body and the Soul Star and etheric chakras above the head. This assists one in moving rapidly from the physical to the spiritual realms, or vice versa. It helps one recognize that even the deepest travails of life are but momentary stations on the path of the soul. It is a powerful storm element stone that oversees the birth of energy into matter and the passing of matter back into energy. It resonates at the level of the doorway of birth and death, creation and destruction. This frequency of energy first pulls spirit into form, incarnating the soul into the body. It is present at the moment of birth, when the soul fully enters this world as an independent entity. It is also present at death, when energy departs the physical, which begins to break down until only energy remains. One (1) Tumbled Cassiterite. avg. size 34mm x 20mm x 10mm

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