Carnelian Koi~CRCKOISM

$ 5.00

Carnelian Koi~CRCKOISM. In most Japanese cultures, koi represent a material and spiritual abundance or advancement. Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits. Carnelian is said to create an environment of calm, connection, stability, and love radiating out from oneself, through one's home and family. It can enhance mental processes and talents, and stimulate the motivation to take action on that guidance. It is thought to assist one in the analysis of the programming one has received from the various "tribes" one has been influenced by (family, friends, coworkers, churches, associations etc.), and in choosing which characteristics to maintain and which to eliminate. One (1) Carnelian Koi carving. Avg. size 34mm x 25mm x 14mm

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