Carbon Included Elestial Quartz Crystal~CRCIEQ08

$ 15.00

Carbon Included Elestial Quartz Crystal~CRCIEQ08. Carbon Included Elestial Quartz is the "enchanted crystal”. It is a stone of “heart renewal”. Elestials have been used in medicine wheel ceremonies to reach the ancestral spirits. The energy is intensified at energy vortexes, assisting in the clearing, health, and connection of the consciousness of Gaia. It can assist one in connecting to the akashic records when seeking past-life information. It has a grounding effect which can balance and ground one during times of stress. It is particularly purifying and protective. It is said to assist one in coming into resonance with the accelerated and increasing energies coming into the planet at this time. Since all life forms are “carbon based”, it assists those who follow a path of natural healing. It resonates with Christ Consciousness, Ganesha, and the Divine Cosmic Child. 50mm x 25mm x 15mm

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