Cancrinite- CRCANC01

$ 7.50

Cancrinite Rough Chunk- CRCANC01 Cancrinite is one of the rarer members of the feldspathoid group of minerals. In spite of it's modest appearance, cancrinite is a surprisingly powerful crystal. It aligns, balances and "lights up" the Chakras when it is brought into the field of each one in turn, and particularly opens the Sacral (Navel) and Solar Plexus Chakras. It can create a shield of golden light and a strong connection with the Earth, offering protection in astral travel. It is thought to enhance personal power and bring courage when trying new endeavors. It is said to increasing ones willpower when faced with undesirable temptations. It is thought to assist with “letting go of the old” and “embracing the new”. One (1) Cancrinite Rough Chunk. avg size 45mm x 45mm x 30mm

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