$ 5.95

Butterstone-Africa~CRSTROBS. Archaen Butterstone is over 2500 million years old. It is a form of green stromatolite, or fossilized algae from Africa. It is associated with grounding and earth energies. It allows us the opportunity to make the connection to the "essence of life". It has a smooth and soothing feel to the touch and offers us humility and a sense of calm stillness. It has the qualities of a Root Chakra stone; stability, grounding, connection to the earth element and resilience. It connects us to the Heart Chakra qualities, such as love, humility and steadfastness. It takes the power of the earth with the grounding ability of nature and blends the opportunity for growth, awareness and contemplation. It can bring the experience of understanding our ancient Earth history, its formations and origins. One (1) Butterstone like that phorographed. average size 66mm x 50mm x 46mm

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