Bumblebee Jasper Palm Stone~CRBBJP02

$ 20.00

Bumblebee Jasper Palm Stone~CRBBJP02. Eclipse Stone, also known as Bumblebee Jasper (not a true jasper) is an earth energy stone, within the strong energy of the volcano from which it was born. It is said to help one find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and help make decisions without relying on emotions. It enhances your creativity and gives one confidence. It is said to assist the impossible to manifest, and can be used to remove obstacles to self-realization. It is thought to bring together the four directions (North, East, South, West) Mother Earth and Father Sky, and can be used as an offering to the four directions so that light and purity will be restored to the Earth. 49mm x 41mm x 18mm

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