Brecciated Fluorite Generator~CRBFGN02

$ 19.00

Brecciated Fluorite Generator~CRBFGN02. Brecciated Fluorite. The word “brecciated” comes from the geology term breccia, which refers to gemstones made up of various fragments naturally cemented together in the Earth into a fine-grained matrix. Brecciated Fluorite is THE soul path stone. It reveals ones life purpose and helps one create a future in alignment with ones spiritual gifts and calling. It is said this stone also helps manifest jobs and opportunities, brings optimism about the future, and shows you where to go, how to proceed, and where to seek guidance. It is said to bring order out of chaos within and without our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), our lives, and our environment. It is particularly focused in the mental, stimulating clarity, curiosity, memory, logic, and reasoning. It is thought to assist one in lovingly "walking the walk". Brecciated Fluorite may also contain chrysocolla, chalcedony, sylvanite, uranocircite, and henrichite. 74mm x 25mm x 20mm

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