Boulder Opal & Citrine Pendant~JSSBOCIT

$ 40.00

Boulder Opal & Citrine Pendant~JSSBOCIT. Australian Boulder Opal is precious opal in, or on, ironstone. It supports the path of spirituality, encouraging curiosity and inquisitiveness, assisting one can in hearing the sound of the soul. It helps one feel the affectionate energies of Mother Earth, and the purifying, revealing and enlightening fire energy. Can provide glimpses into past lives, one may experience an unparalleled reunion of conscious and unconscious mental states. It calms the mind so that you so concentrate in an absolute manner. so, assisting meditation and  improving ones focus and concentration. It can help one strengthen determination and firmness in beliefs and decisions. Citrine is a stone of prosperity, manifestation & abundance, stimulates 2nd & 3rd chakras, initiates our creative energy & will reminding us that we are co-creators with Divine will, raises self esteem & self confidence, doesn’t retain negative energy, helps one dispense with the fundamental level of fear, soothes family or group problems, enhances mental clarity. 45mm x 16mm x 8mm

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