Blue Kyanite & Citrine Pendant~JSPBKYCT

$ 10.00

Blue Kyanite & Citrine Pendant~JSPBKYCT. Blue Kyanite is thought to never retain negative energy. It is said to align and activate chakras and assist meditation, and has a high vibration and creates very rapid transfers of energy. It is thought to assist in building connections between oneself and others and among the different aspects of oneself encouraging integrity. It works on the Throat Chakra to improve communication. Kyanite allows one to forge one's own unique path by bringing together one's various interests, skills, and knowledge. This aids in seeing one's unique mosaic of gifts and how they can be used for one's Soul path on Earth. Citrine is considered a stone of prosperity, manifestation & abundance. It is a wonderful solar plexus stone, and as such, is said to increase one’s personal power, diminish fear, and improve one’s self image. It is thought to remind one that true power is only wielded over oneself. One (1) Silver Plated Blue Kyanite & Citrine Pendant. Size varies. To choose pendant, add letter in picture to the comments section during checkout.

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