Blue Fluorite, Calcite & Pyrite~CRBFLCPP

$ 60.00

Blue Fluorite, Calcite & Pyrite~Naica, Mexico~CRBFLCPP. Blue Fluorite opens channels of communication, both in this reality and between this plane and other worlds. It is wonderful for those having a hard time accepting the here and now to reach out to others. It softens dealings with those who are brutally honest, and in the workplace assists in communicating logical thoughts that move actions forward when people argue in circles. It enhances our spiritual awakening through its connection to the Third Eye Chakra. It heightens our intuition, clarity and focus. It has a calming, serene energy that stifles anxious and worrisome thoughts creating inner peace. It also enhances creativity by organizing all our different ideals into a more concise action plan, and assists well-ordered record-keeping. It is unique in that it is a duo-action crystal that can calm and subdue our mind or revitalize and energize us if needed. It inspires a sense of justice, and letting go of obsessions, frustrations and disappointments. It is an ideal stone for spiritual awakening and reprogramming karmic patterns. It heals soul fragmentation from the present or past lives, and aids cellular memory healing. Calcite stimulate growth in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual realms. It has been used to increase ones conscious connection with the higher realms, and to align the subtle bodies with the physical form. It has been used to establish a highly charged smooth energy bridge between ones physical body and the energy of a crystal (wonderful for healing situations). It stimulates the intellect, making it possible for one to analyze challenges and see the most efficient solutions. It helps one understand how to put Divine inspiration and guidance into action. It stimulates one to take new directions in life. Pyrite increases physical stamina & mental acuity, aids process of manifestation on all levels, assists us in balancing creativity with logic, a very protective stone- keeps out negative vibrations, encourages the flawless ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well-being, assists one in seeing behind facades, also helpful in enhancing memory. 91mm x 71mm x 59mm 

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