Black Tourmaline Pendant~JSSBLKT8

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Black Tourmaline Pendant~JSSBLKT8.  Black Tourmaline is ideal for energetic purification and protection for anyone exposed to negativity. It clears oneself and one’s surroundings of dense energies and disharmony. It can connect one to the magnetic field of the Earth, grounding out negative thoughts, anxieties, and anger. It provides an energy similar to an "energetic housecleaning", like that of smudging, that is vitally important to anyone who strives for connection to their spiritual path. One can only ascend by being grounded. It has been used by shamans worldwide to awaken from illusion. White Topaz is said to aid your spiritual development as it encourages one to accept direction and guidance from Spirit and to find your purpose. One can use the vibration of this stone to aid manifesting, as it has strong magnification energy. It also aids you to have a more orderly approach. This will aid manifestation and make the passage of achieving your desires easier and faster. It has a lovely energy that helps you to substitute negativity with love, peace and joy. This is also a strong healing stone, as they will help those who are listless and who are feeling low and in need of extra energy. The meaning of the word Topaz comes from the Greek word 'tapazos' meaning 'to seek', and it is said to have been one of the stones in the breastplate of the high priest in the Bible. Its vibration is of a spiritual nature, and it is particularly active within the higher transpersonal chakras, the soul star chakra and the crown chakra. It is highly effective for honing psychic and intuitive gifts, especially clairvoyance and clairsentience. White Topaz is most in tune with the moon, wear or carry when reading a crystal ball, and hold one up to full moonlight to see images or symbols significant to you. 26mm x 12mm x 9mm

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