Black Tourmaline Palm Stone~CRBTPS10

$ 17.00

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone~CRBTPS10. Black tourmaline is an Iron rich grounding stone, grounding out to the magnetic core of the Earth, a stone of purification, absorbing negative energy and transmuting it into neutral, usable energy. The ritual of purification allows time for the redirection of the mind from daily matters to more spiritual planes. It also clears the energy systems of any thoughts or psychic debris that could cause blockages or imbalances if allowed to remain. It is a process of "energetic housecleaning" that is vitally important to anyone who strives for connection to their spiritual path. It can be used to diminish fear by promoting understanding and to encourage self confidence. It has been used by shamans worldwide, the African shaman have used it to awaken from the "dream of illusion". It balances the left and rights sides of the brain enhancing creativity and healing, and helps one release the concept of being the "victim". Black tourmaline asks you "are you holding onto old patterns that no longer serve you"? Or maybe you have been exposed to energies that are preventing you from being centered and focused. It is now time to take a "spiritual bath", to purify yourself and your environment through the use of tourmaline, smudging, sweat lodge or sauna. When you purify yourself and release any obsolete thoughts, beliefs, worries, or resentments, you are making room in your life for spiritual gifts to be received. 56mm x 43mm x 28mm

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