Black Onyx Raven Carving~CRBORAVL

$ 55.00

Black Onyx Raven Carving~CRBORAVL. Some Native American tribes link the Raven deity with the theft of the sun. As per animal totems, which hold great importance in the Native American culture, raven totem symbolizes a change in consciousness and also represents a shapeshifter. Native elders believed that the raven had the power to draw secrets from the Shadows. Raven is a bearer of magic. It is the messenger from the great void beyond time, space, and ether, from where ‘everything originated’ and into which everything eventually goes. The raven was sacred to Native American ceremonies. It always had to be present to transport the energy of the message to its destiny. The raven’s powers also healed people from a distance. Black Onyx is said to be helpful for staying centered, helps banish grief, enhances self-control, stimulates wise decision making-helping those who help themselves.. It encourages happiness and good fortune, integrates yin and yang, and promotes recognition of personal strengths to become master of one’s own future. It is said to be a helpful ally for staying centered during times of any form of stress, promoting vitality, stamina, and perseverance…helping those who help themselves. 108mm x 75mm x 61mm


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