Black Obsidian Nerfertiti Carving~CRBONEFC

$ 20.00

Black Obsidian Nerfertiti Carving~CRBONEFC. Neferneferuaten Nefertiti was the great royal wife of King Akhenaten from 1353 to 1336 B.C. and, in contemporary Western culture, is perhaps ancient Egypt's most famous queen. She and Akhenaten produced six daughters, a female royal contingent that enjoyed unusual prominence during Akhenaten’s reign. In fact, Nefertiti holds the position as the Egyptian queen with the most surviving appearances on monuments and other artistic mediums, where Nefertiti is  pictured wearing her typical flat topped crown . During his reign, Akhenaten enacted a series of shocking religious and societal changes that re-centered the Egyptian pantheon around a formerly peripheral god: the Aten. This political move most likely created a place of prominence for Nefertiti within official mediums. To cement the pharaoh's societal changes, greater authority was placed on the royal family – a decision in which  Nefertiti’s influence was continually emphasized. Obsidian (volcanic glass)  is said to act to cleanse the energetic field or aura of disharmonious energy, densities, and negative attachments. It is thought to be very grounding and protective and also assist one in choosing behaviors that are only for one's highest good. Obsidian has also been used for scrying, or crystal gazing. 55mmm x 36mm x 40mm

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