Black Morion Quartz Crystal with Hessonite Garnet Crystals~CRBMQHGC

$ 40.00

Black Morion Quartz Crystal with Hessonite Garnet Crystals~CRBMQHGC. Black Morion Quartz is the name given to a very black type of natural Smoky Quartz. The frequency of Morion Quartz has a strong connection to the Earth star and base chakras. It has a very strong grounding energy and thus will help to ground one’s energy fields so that one resonates with Mother Earth. This grounding energy helps one to feel safe in one’s physical vehicle and helps one be accepting of one’s physicality. Morion crystals can act as an excellent support for anyone who is experiencing negative emotions. Morion can be used to shield yourself from outer influences that may be clouding your judgement or causing confusion. While offering protection from this outside pressures the crystal will deepen your trust in your inner voice and instincts. It will also be able to offer guidance in when to face a situation and when it will be better to step back or walk away. Hessonite garnet (a form of grossular garnet) are excellent natural grounders of abundant manifestation. If one can conceive it clearly in the etheric, these crystals are ready tools for bringing one's visions into reality. They create an eager confidence, a motivation to get down to business and make things happen. Grossular garnets are stones, not just of prosperity, but of wealth in all its positive aspects- financial, creative, emotional, artistic, and even physical health, the foundation of true wealth. I These stones are so powerful they can "infect" one's coworkers, or one's entire company, with its optimistic, prosperous vibrations. 74mm x 32mm x 29mm

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