Black Hematitic Sunstone Faceted Gem~CRBHSG03

$ 16.00

Black Hematitic Sunstone Faceted Gem~CRBHSG03. Hematitic Sunstone is sunstone colored with hematite instead of copper. It is thought to provide protection for children and for those who are “as children”. It is also thought to protect one during any form of land travel. It is a stone of leadership, particularly in oratory pursuits and recitals, bringing confidence and stamina. It can boosts ones energy level by removing and grounding out “hooks” from other people. It allows you to reach for the stars, without being limited by what you think is possible or allowed. It can help regulate the effects of electromagnetic fields. It is thought to reduce anxiety, fear, and phobias associated with wealth and abundance. It assists in restoring light and sweetness if life has lost its sparkle. 46mm x 37mm x 23mm

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