Beta Quartz Crystals~CRBETAQT

$ 3.00

Beta Quartz Crystals~CRBETAQT. Beta Quartz are wonderful for gridding, as they both amplify & expand the energies of other stones, used for both dowsing & divining-provides clear directional information & responds to "all" questions, used in de-coding/encoding of patterns from dreams & visions, assists in creating a clear channel of communication from both the higher-self & the inner self, resonates with the energies of intuition and “knowing” wonderful crystal manifestation tool as it facilitates a limitless range of avenues for exploration, helps sustain one through stressful times when one may feel they are in the crucible of life, sometimes known as the dark night of the soul. One (1) Beta Quartz Crystal. Avg. size 19mm x 18mm x 18mm

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