Bauxite Pendant~JSSBAUX1

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Bauxite Pendant~JSSBAUX1. Bauxite can provide independence in employment and initiative toward accomplishment, allows one to release inhibitions, bringing power in decisions and spontaneity to actions, can help one to see the "big picture" in situations, enabling one to withhold judgment, can be useful for one in the pursuit of knowledge in physics, astronomy, astrology, and writing, stimulates the receiving nature, can assist in the increase of "reading" people, during the activities of spiritual evolvement, this mineral helps one over the "high ridges" which could become obstacles in the path, has also been used to provide strength to the user to rid oneself of unwanted influences from the physical plane and to dispel possession of the body by an outside force, assists in clairaudient pursuits, bringing forth necessary communication from the spiritual worlds and enhancing transcription activities. 43mm x 20mm x 7mm

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