Basalt Ventifact~CRBVENTI

$ 25.00

Basalt Ventifact (RARE)~CRBVENTI. A ventifact is a rock that has been abraded, pitted, etched, grooved, or polished by wind-driven sand or ice crystals.  These geomorphic features are most typically found in arid environments where there is little vegetation to interfere with particle transport, where there are frequently strong winds, and where there is a steady but not overwhelming supply of sand. Ventifacts can be abraded to eye-catching natural sculptures. These Basalt Ventifacts may include Iron, Titanium and Nickel. It has a slight magnetism depending on the iron content. They almost “ring” when tapped together. They are volcanic in origin. Basalt is solidified molten lava. While obsidian is high in silica and cooled rapidly, Basalt is rich in iron and manganese, with less silica, and cools slowly. It is thought to assist one in learning one’s lessons “the first time through”. It is said to remind one not to "sink" into despair when faced with "heavy" problems, and to bounce back quicker. Because of its magnetic potential, it also draws the solutions to one to assist one through those challenging times. It is a stone of the fire element and the root chakra. Basalt is a grounding stone, and because of the metal content in this basalt, they are doubly grounding. These are one of my favorite Crystalwork/Bodywork tools. One (1) Basalt Ventifact. Avg. size 108mm x 28mm x 26mm

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