Barite on Hematite~ CRSPEC13

$ 15.00

Barite on Hematite~Nuristan, Pakistan. CRSPEC13. Barite is said to assist one in meditation, and to maintain the conscious contact in one's daily life. It is considered a stone of the seeker, facilitating exploration and understanding of higher realms. It is thought to assist those ready to "break out" and break free" from roles and identities that no longer serve, progressing towards one's soul purpose. Hematite, also known as "Black Hematite", is one of the most effective of all stones for grounding oneself in the body and in the physical world. It is helpful for balancing the auric field and aligning the chakras. It grounds and connects one to the Soul of the Earth. It is said to be a stone of mental clarity, as it grounds out scattered energies, thoughts and negativity. 95mm x 75mm x 48mm

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